Christmas Ball Project

I bought clear Christmas balls, to do a project with my daughter.
And it did not play out exactly as planned. So, I will share that with you all here in “preparing for Christmas” land.

Painted Christmas Balls


  • glass balls
  • glitter gel (or not)
  • small marble or metal BB (or not)

I did these with my kid, who is almost 5 years old.
I pulled the”cap” off the top and then I let her pour glitter glue gel stuff in the balls.
The way the gel came out of the tubes, to be honest, it looked like little poop piles. And the glitter didn’t sparkle quite enough to distract from the “poop” look of it.
So I went and got a little metal BB/small marble.
I carefully dropped/rolled that in through the neck, and then I slowly turned the ball over and over, and the piles spread to stripes.
That was very satisfying. (The gel did not move around on its own.)
I very very gently shook one of the balls to move the BB in the gel glue, and it actually broke the glass and fell out. !! It startled me and, at that point, I was holding this glass ball with a sharp hole in it and tiny  shards covered in glitter were on the floor.
I will try to rethink it. Maybe nail polish? That rolls on its own and I don’t have to have a ball to influence it.
But then, these will not be a project that I will claim is hers. I don’t even want her to hold them and have an accident.
Maybe I will research plastic globe ornaments and try it with those. I have been looking for them, but I have not seen them in person yet.

Have you done ornaments with kids? Show us how they went!

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