Pioneer House

At the new house, there are a number of random buildings, sheds AND A CHICKEN COOP out in the back of the property. One of the main reasons we purchased the house was the HUGE lot it sits on. Now it is not huge by farm standards, but it is huge by our SF city standards.

One of the out buildings that holds the most appeal is the “Pioneer House”. We were looking at the other sheds and when we got to this one it had “playhouse” written all over it.

If the other buildings are “storage” this building is “lady storage”.
pioneer house

Here are my people surveying the new space. You can see that it is MASSIVE.

If you look around for a “playhouse” the clever wonderful things that people have put together for their kids are just heartwarming. From a design stand point I am trying to decide if we should make it look like a store or like a house.

Here is a store option:
This is the Posh Tots Neighborhood Market Playhouse.

And a house option:
This is the Posh Tots Cotton Candy Manor.

And finally, the Coral Gables model
This one ships in only 10 weeks, and rings in at $42K. (I could type in all the zeros, but I would get a repetitive stress injury.)

Do you have a playhouse? How did you decorate it?

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6 Comments to Pioneer House
    • Manisha
    • Little Niobe has a little playhouse. We bought it as a kit for about $300. I didn’t realize it was so small at the time we bought it so now we are facing the fact that my daughter is tall and will likely grow out it by next year. We put flowers in the plant boxes in the front for decoration. Out the back window is a lovely view of the corner of our property so I think about how that looks every year when the plants come back to life.

      We are considering just raising the roof when she gets too tall. Playhouses are fun!

      • Susi
      • Manisha, You could always raise the roof. Or sell yours on Craig’s list, and buy another one on Craig’s list! (so, in the end, free)

    • Katherine
    • I remember having a playhouse in our backyard when I was younger. It was pretty simple – just a square with a couple windows (my dad built it), and we had a little table inside. We had hours of tea parties and pretend play out there, although we didn’t have anything as fancy as you posted. Those are impressive!

      • Susi
      • Katherine,
        We had a playhouse growing up too. It was sweet. And now when I think back, it was TINY. This thing that we have is ENORMOUS. It could be an artist studio or something.
        I will think about the “hours of tea parties” and hope that happens. Because in the mean time it is taking up a lot of backyard.

    • Jenny K
    • Make it a craft/playhouse/school house. Our basement was set up like that growing up. We could make craft messes with no worries, play school with a big chalk board – It could be the hang out for other friends. Back in MN the neighbors had a real small one- it was the neighborhood club house. Members only the sign said.

    • Marlene
    • I had a large pine tree almost 50 feet tall in the back yard. Created a platform box and ladder for a tree house. Then hubby felt the boys needed more and built a 10 feet by 20 feet wood flat roof shed. It was easy to climb to the roof and on up to the tree. Later I used the shed for garden tools, potting table. The pine tree died and we put everything out for Santa Clara clean up.

      I liked having my garden tools isolated from the boy tools. Had to construct a premade shed. Ran $3000 and I painted.


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