Wall Paper of Whitney

Recently we had the occasion to visit our school friend’s house for the first time, and WHOA. We were blown away.

(I was not prepared for what I walked into from a photographic standpoint. So I will apologize for the iphone shots.)

Every single thing in their house is so cool. It is BOLD and colorful and wild. And the best part is that it is really a house for the family. They have two girls and we were actually enjoying the space, not ushered out with the “under 5” guests.
(Here are their girls, in costume, in the living room at Halloween. So you get an idea of what kind of creative minds we are dealing with.)

We’ll start with the living room. It looks like a lovely soft pink floral.


But, if you look closely, there are bats!
No kidding.
And in the corner, there is a stuffed albino peacock.

In the kitchen, the paper is more tame. But still super interesting.
There are artichokes, pineapples, bee hives, and even milk delivery crates woven in there.
The pattern is called Farmer’s Market, by Dan Funderburgh. And, in fact, ALL the paper here is by Funderburgh.

This little beauty is called City Park:


These pictures are from Dan Funderberg’s web site, not my friend’s house. But this paper is in their house!


And then there is Power Plant
With actual light bulbs where “buds” would be.

The whole house was like a photo shoot for a magazine. It is a collection of clever pieces set against wonderful, bold paper. It is a testament to the actual POWER of wall paper. The rooms dance. It’s like there is a joke in the room, and you are in on it.

Each of these papers can be found at Flavor Paper. And more about Dan and his work is available on his web site here. Now, your mind is whirling! How far would you go?

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      • Susi
      • The rug, the pink couch, and the pillow with pom poms. I LOVE it! I don’t think I am brave enough. But man, I wish I was! Just LOOK at the place! you nailed it : “inspiring”.

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