DIY Inspiration: Ribbon Pillow

This pillow from Crate and Barrel is a great way to show off some pretty ribbons.
It appears to just be different colors of ribbon woven together. I’m not sure I would have chosen these colors, but I do like the idea. Even if you just did it in one color you get a lot of textural interest. Or how about one color with just one ribbon of another color running through it, that would be pretty.

Have you ever done any weaving with ribbon?

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5 Comments to DIY Inspiration: Ribbon Pillow
    • DrRuss
    • The weaving of this will drive you to drinking. It is so difficult to get the ribbon to align in a straight line and unless you tack it down in certain places it will definitely move on you.

      My solution was to sew the ends into the seam on one short edge and one long edge and then do the weaving.

      I will never do it again–LOL

    • Cathy T
    • Very attractive pillow. Dr. Russ’ comment is very enlightening. Perhaps, as with almost all weaving, you need to create a fixed warp. Perhaps you could stitch all the warp ribbons on a piece of fabric at both ends so they’re taunt, then weave the weft ribbons over and under the warp ribbons. Playing with the mix of colors could be very interesting, a real study in color theory.

      • Kat
      • I think you are right, Cathy. You would need to create a taut base to work on and perhaps stitch down each ribbon as you got it in place. You could also do it with different width ribbons so you wouldn’t worry about getting everything as precise.

      • DrRuss
      • Another possibility would be to do the weaving and then remove every other ribbon in both the warp and weft directions which would create an open weave much like a gingham pattern. Therefore the casual nature of the weave wouldn’t be as noticeable if it was off a little bit.

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