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Sometimes when I am feeling a little lost for ideas for new projects I go and wander around my local craft shops, dollar stores and home decor shops. I get ideas from available supplies and high end projects that can be DIYed. Yesterday, was one of those days. I came home with a supplies for a few projects and lots of ideas. I have to share one of them with you.
Blank Slate
Seriously, how cute are these?! I found them for $4 each at Michael’s (a lot cheaper than buying them already painted at a gift or garden center). Now I need to decide how to finish them. Here are some of my ideas.

  • Keep them crisp and just paint them a glossy white.
  • Go for some bling and paint them silver.
  • Add some color and paint the gnome glossy red.
  • Use some pattern and paint the mushroom glossy white with red polka dots on the top.

I’m torn. What would you do?

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6 Comments to Blank Slate
    • Paige
    • I used to use shoe polish for lawn ornaments like these. It has an interesting finish that can look more organic than paint based on how thick you apply it and how you buff (if that’s the right word?) it off.

    • Ros
    • I would have to paint in all the details of his cute little face. Maybe a red hat and a green coat. With a belt. And rosy cheeks. And blue wellies. And of course you should put polka dots on the toadstool!

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