Project: Peep Gift Card Holder

Are you adding gift cards to any Easter baskets this year? Why not make a cute Peeps inspired gift card holder to put them in?
Peep Gift Card Holder
This holder is a cinch to make with just some felt, glue and a few easy stitched embellishments, it took me less than an hour to make this one. Mine is in classic yellow, but it would also look great in bright pink or blue. An optional ribbon at the top means it can be hung as a decoration when not being used as gift.
Peep Gift Card Holder

Peep Gift Card Holder


  • peep pattern (download the Peep Pattern)
  • felt
  • matching embroidery floss
  • small black button (you could also use black felt or black embroidery floss)
  • black thread
  • 6″ piece of ribbon (optional)


  • scissors
  • glue stick (optional)
  • hand sewing needle
  • tacky or fabric glue
  • small paintbrush (optional)

1. Print and cut out the peep pattern. Cut two whole peeps out of the felt.
Peep Gift Card Holder
I like to glue the paper pattern to the felt with glue stick. It peels right off and I can use it multiple times.

2. Cut the pattern on the dotted line and cut the bottom piece out of felt to make the pocket for the gift card. You can use the whole piece or cut the sides to make a smaller one like I did. Just make sure it is big enough to fit the card with room to glue the sides down.
Peep Gift Card Holder Peep Gift Card Holder
You will have three pieces cut from the felt.
Peep Gift Card Holder

3. Chose one of the whole pieces to be the front of your peep. With matching embroidery thread stitch a line across the body of the peep as shown on the pattern. I did a simple backstitch using all six strands of floss.
Peep Gift Card Holder

4. With black thread, sew the button on for the eye. You could also just embroider on an eye or glue on a small piece of felt.
Peep Gift Card Holder

5. Turn the piece over and if you want to add a hanging loop to the top, glue the ends of the ribbon to the top of the peep’s head.
Peep Gift Card Holder

6. Glue the two whole peep pieces together using tacky or fabric glue. I use a paintbrush to help get the glue to the edges. Then glue the pocket to the back just putting glue around the bottom and sides of the pocket. (You could also sew the pocket on, just do it before you glue the two full shapes together.)
Peep Gift Card Holder
Let dry.

Fill with a gift card for a sweet Easter present.

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