Project: Pom-Poms and Hearts Garland

I bought a bunch of glitter hearts at the dollar store a few weeks ago with the idea of turning them into a garland for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to add something other than hearts though. I had a lot of white, pink and red yarn in my stash, so I thought why not pom-poms. Instead of stringing the pom-poms with the hearts, I made pom-pom balls to anchor each end of the garland.
Pom-Poms and Hearts Garland
I think it is so fun and festive. You could make the pom-pom balls in all sorts of colors to use with different garlands for other occasions too.

Pom-Pom and Hearts Garland

pom-pom or yarn to make pom-pom
glitter hearts (I found mine at the dollar store, but you could also make some from cardstock or construction paper.)
white yarn
2 1/2″ styrofoam ball
styrofoam glue
tacky glue

serrated knife
fork (if you are making pom-poms)

1. Either buy or make approximately 32 3/4 – 1 inch pom-poms. The number you need will depend on their size. I made mine using the fork method.
Pom-Pom and Hearts Garland
I used worsted weight yarn wrapped 60 times. Now not all worsted weights are the same, ones that are a little thicker make a plusher pom-pom. They come out a little misshapen when first off the fork, but trimming will make them look round and full.

2. Use the serrated knife to cut the styrofoam ball in half.
Pom-Pom and Hearts Garland

3. With the styrofoam glue, start covering the ball halves with the pom-poms.
Pom-Pom and Hearts Garland
I found it was best to start around the edge and then fill in.
Pom-Pom and Hearts Garland
Use a generous amount of glue and let them dry all day or overnight.

4. Cut one or two lengths of yarn the length you want your garland with about 4 inches extra on each end. Glue hearts along the yarn. I used tacky glue for this.
Pom-Pom and Hearts Garland

5. Pin or glue the ends of the yarn to the back of the pom-pom balls.
Pom-Poms and Hearts Garland
6. The garland can be hung by sticking the styrofoam balls onto hooks or nails in the wall.

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    • Beckie
    • Wow! I love the color combinations white,red and pink-very lovely! Thanks for sharing your idea Kat I can’t wait to craft my own! Happy crafting 🙂

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