DIY Inspiration: Shaggy Pillow

If you look through the DIY category on Pinterest at all you’ve probably seen the rugs made from t-shirts. I always like the idea, but tying all those strips of t-shirt to make a rug seemed daunting.  I wondered how it would stand up to the wear and tear (not to mention washing). Then I saw this Upcycle Shaggy Pillow on CB2.

It looks like the same idea on a much smaller scale. Plus since no one is walking on it, it would get less wear and tear. I would probably chose one color rather than the multi-color here. All it would take is a square of hook rug mesh and strips of t-shirt. Tie the strips onto the canvas and then sew on a fabric back. This one just might go into my craft queue.

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5 Comments to DIY Inspiration: Shaggy Pillow
      • Kat
      • So, I had to write Ros back & ask her for more details & if you couldn’t just pull the strips out then. Here is her response.

        “You can pull one out if you really yank it, but they don’t just come out on their own. Use a loose weave hessian backing and you’ll see how the hessian really grips the t-shirt strips. I do it from the back with a proddy needle like this: but you can also do it from the front with a hook.”

    • Lori
    • Love this. Very cool. I have been trying to avoid Pinterest. It is a virtual vortex that sucks me in and steals me of tons of time. Sometimes though, I just cant help myself.

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