Sweater Update

I fully expected to be wearing my “8 Week” sweater by this point in time, but I’ve got to tell you guys, I’m stuck. The problem is the collar. The pattern had me cast on the neckline with a provisional cast-on. That means those stitches were still live to be used later. Well, then when you get to the finishing part of the pattern, she has you pick up the stitches around the neckline. Yes, I can pick up the stitches in the areas where new stitches were cast-on during the knitting, but the provisional stitches are already live. So, I picked up where I needed to and put the provisional stitches on the needle too. Here’s the problem….

The collar is in a different color than the body (it’s grey and the body is red). It is just a tiny little collar, pick up the stitches and bind them off on the next round. Well, the picked up stitches are grey, like I want and the provisional stitches are red!
Sweater Update - Collar Issues
This is going to be very noticable. I think I’m going to have to go back and bind off those provisional stitches in red and then pick up the stitches all the way around in grey. An extra step, sigh. Really the pattern shouldn’t have had me start with provisional stitches at all, just a regular cast on. Nothing like finding out your first row was wrong when you get to the very end of the pattern.

I’m having a very hard time motivating myself to do this last little bit.

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5 Comments to Sweater Update
    • Becky PS
    • Oh help. I hate when that happens. Perhaps the pattern writer assumed you’d use just one color?

      I have confidence you’ll fix it and be wearing it in no time!

      • Kat
      • Becky – Actually, she used a different color for her collar too, that’s actually where I got the idea. The problem is I’m doing an untested pattern and I knew that was the case as she was very upfront about that.

    • Dot
    • Can you just pick up grey stitches on one side, knit across the red stitches with the grey, and then pick up grey stitches on the other side? That would give you grey all the way across. (I haven’t been paying attention to this project, so this may not work!)

    • Pat
    • How frustrating, Kat…! Untested patterns are always a challenge…. best unsolicited advice…. put it down for a brief hiatus… I am sure the answer will come when you are doing something else…. dishes…laundry….! It usually goes that way for me… when I’m elbows deep in sudsy water… the light bulb goes on…. 🙂 Rooting for ya…! Pat

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