Santa Minion

I love seeing how people adapt my patterns. Sometimes the adaptations are so fun I just have to share. That was the case with CloudPhoenix‘s Happy Minion-mas

She took my basic minion pattern and added a sparkly Santa suit, false beard and a single crochet goggled eye. Serious, how cute!

She was also nice enough to share her pattern for making the crocheted eye.

Rnd 1:sc in a magic ring 4 times.
Rnd 2:inc in each st = 8 sts.
Rnd 3: sc in each st. Slip the last st and before you cut the yarn, make sure you have a couple of inches to make the goggle strap.
Simply chain st until you can place the eye piece into middle of the face and the strap goes all the way around the head. If you want two eyes just make a 2nd eye piece and stitch them together, before doing the chain st. Once the chain st is completed,join it to the other side of the rig and then if you want stick the needle all the way through the head and do a tiny back st on the chain to the head and this will prevent it wobbling.
Next is the white of the eye.
Sc ina magic loop 4 times and join. St into place. I normally take the loose end from the middle of the white and thread it through the centre hole of the rig, and then with the other end st it into place.
Next is the pupil. I just make a knot and then st it into place in the middle of the white of the eye.

Dispicable Me 2 is coming out next year, I know I’m ready for more Minions!

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6 Comments to Santa Minion
    • Meme Smith
    • I am mainly crochet but I can knit. I love this little guy so will try the knitted basic one and then do another similar to yours. They will be soooo cute with my crocheted ones. Minions rock.

    • \Patricia Pitsenbarger
    • I am trying to locate the knitting pattern for the Minion Santa? All I find is where the woman adds The eye and the beard by crochet. It does not give me the pattern to knit the dispicable Me Santa? Am I not looking at something correctly? Nothing that I find is telling me how to knit the little man?
      Pleas help me to understand, where the pattern is?
      Thank You,

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