Tomato Cage Ghosts

We are busily raking up leaves and cleaning out our gardens here in the midwest, but before I store those tomato cages for the winter I have one more use for them. They’ll make a great form for some Halloween yard decorations.
Tomato Cage Ghost
At night Christmas lights inside make them light up.
Tomato Cage Ghosts
Will the neighborhood kids dare walk between them to get their Halloween treats?

Tomato Cage Ghosts


  • Tomato Cage
  • Stiff, yet bendable wire
  • Tape
  • White Christmas Lights
  • White fabric
  • Black Felt
  • Fabric glue


  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors

Stick the tomato cages firmly in where you want them. Mine are stuck in two large pots. You want to form a round shape for the top of the ghosts with the stiff wire. Cut pieces of the wire that are long enough to arch over the top of the tomato cage and wrap around the ends. I did three pieces across the top. I piece of tape at the middle keeps them from from falling over.
Tomato Cage Ghost Tomato Cage Ghost
Lay a string of Christmas lights at the base of the ghost. I experimented with wrapping the lights around the tomato cage and just placing them at the base. The ghosts were a little brighter when the lights were wrapped on the cage, but you could see the spots of the lights. Lights just heaped at the base gave gave more of an even glow. You can see the difference in these two pictures.
Tomato Cage Ghosts Tomato Cage Ghosts
Cover the ghost form with large pieces of white fabric, like a sheet or muslin. The amount you need will depend on the size of your tomato cage and if you have them raised like I do. I poked two small holes in the back for the fabric and put a twist tie through to attach the fabric to the tomato cage so it wouldn’t blow away.
Cut two circles out of black felt and glue them on for eyes.
Tomato Cage Ghost
They’ve already received a lot of interested from the neighborhood kids who walk by to and from the park.

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