“Scary Snack”

We took the plunge and made the spooky hot dog monsters.

Here is how we did it.

It only involves the obvious ingredients: hot dogs, and spaghetti noodles. Take hot dogs, and slice them up. Best to keep the sections a little on the big side, so that there is more for a little hand to hang on to, both for the helping, and for the eating.

Then, take a handful of spaghetti noodles, and pierce them through the cut side of the hot dogs. My sous chef liked to do these one at a time.
I did them 3 or four at a time.
Some of them got a little bit crooked.
That did not end up mattering.

Tip: put these monsters into your biggest pot, like a dutch oven, where they can lay down “flat”. But they do not really fit into a standard pot, because they stand up, and don’t cook evenly.
The hot dogs were already fully cooked. So the cooking time is just how ever long it takes you to get the noodles properly cooked.

Next, change out of your bathing suit, and put on a dress for dinner.
And get ready to enjoy your creation.

Have fun! And “bon appetite”

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5 Comments to “Scary Snack”
    • Chelsea
    • I don’t understand what these are supposed to resemble. I’ve seen them done a few times and just can’t figure it out. Could you fill me in?

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