Road to a Sweater: week 4

We last checked in with you, we were working on the ches, and getting to the division for the arms.

This week the assignment is to get through the armpit, and work down to the waist shaping.

It is also our goal to pick up some speed. We should get down as far as we can on the body of the sweater. Depending on the pattern, this should be fairly straight forward. (famous last words.)

As a status check, here is Kathy checking in, just down at the armpits.
How lovely! The cable pattern is subtle, but is adds such a nice detail.

Anyone else? Where are you in your pattern? How is it going?

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8 Comments to Road to a Sweater: week 4
    • Manisha
    • I’m right about to do the armpit. I realized my stitch count is off a little, so I’m thinking through solutions that don’t require me to backtrack. I’m also taking good notes on my options so I remember when I get back to the sleeves. I can’t wait til I get the point where speed will pick up.

      Another thing I have to decide is whether I should do the waist-shaping or if I should opt for the straight body. Decisions, decisions!

      • Kat
      • Manisha – Is your stitch count off because you missed some raglan stitches? Are all your parts the same size, like do your fronts have the same number of stitches & your sleeves?

        • Manisha
        • I was beginning to divide the sleeves when I realized I had 59 stitches rather 60, so I think I will be just pick up an extra stitch when I begin the sleeves. At first I was so distraught that I just put it down to think about it awhile. I don’t know yet if my other stitches are off, but I think this will be a good solution. I’m pretty sure the raglan stitches are fine. I can’t bear the thought of going back again.

    • Kat
    • I’m about 2 inches past where I was in the picture above and just booking along. Now I’ve started the cables on the body so that is going to slow me down.

      So, I have a question about cast the stitches on for the underarm. I always just use the backward loop cast on but feel like it is so flimsy. Is there a better cast one to use in this situation?

      • Susi
      • I cannot STAND the loop cast on. The more stitches, the more room for error. I vastly prefer the knit cast on. It has more elasticity and less ambiguity.

        • Lotta
        • How do you do the knit cast on to the left of your work? I only know how to do it to the right (in the beginning of a row, before starting to knit up stitches on the right needle).

          • Susi
          • Lotta, you can Purl-on more stitches. (same as a knit-on, but on the purl side, in front of the row.) It is not my favorite thing to do. (so I would not do more than three.) If you want, you can add another piece of yarn, and long tail cast on.(Only if it is appropriate. I do not like extra yarn to weave in on the neck edge. It is too visible.) Or you can wait, and turn and cast on when you get to the knit side. (Only if that is appropriate. if being 1/2 row “uneven” is okay, then you can do that. If there is a pattern or color work, I would not recommend this, otherwise it will show the “mismatch”.)

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