Road to a Sweater: Week 3

Week 3
Each sweater we make is completely different. Our commonality only lies in the top-down construction.
We are working through the top section, shoulders and increases.
Once you have the shoulder section in place, this is the time to try on the sweater.
Check for fit. Here is where modifications can be made for a better fit. If it is too small, keep in pattern and add more raglan increases. If it is too big, you could consider pulling back some sections.
The next step is to join underarms and carry on with the body.
Here is our friend, trying on a sweater at this point:
8,000 Feet Hoodie
And here is a detail of the underarm increases and join.
8,000 Feet Hoodie

The start is the hardest, because you cannot really carry the sweater in your bag and knit in line at the bank. I am still counting every stitch, and working the pattern with increases. I need time to sit and compare the color chart and the pattern at the same time.

Week 4 assignment is to get past the arm pits, and into the body of the sweater. And hopefully, go to easier knitting in the main section.
We are excited to hear from you. How is it going? Are you hitting hurdles? Show us pictures. Ask questions. We are excited to be doing this together.

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5 Comments to Road to a Sweater: Week 3
    • Manisha
    • Arrggh! I thought I was approaching the end of my raglan and realized that I messed up a row so I have to backtrack. I’m also hoping that I get past this challenge quickly so that I can move along with this collective sweater project!

      • Kat
      • I spent last night back tracking too! Looking forward to getting to the next bit though the cables in mine keep it from being straight forward.

      • Susi
      • I have spent precious knitting time doing some tink -ing too. (backwards knitting) I think we are all in the same space with our sweater. Carry On!

      • Kat
      • Looks like you are making some good progress. I’m a week behind because of traveling, so you aren’t the only on in that boat.

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