8 Weeks to a Sweater: Week 2

Last week we talked about gauge, and measuring.
We figured out our size, and we cast on and got started.

And from there on, each of our sweaters and our skill set are going to take a different path.

Let’s have a look at how Kathy’s sweater is coming along:

She is working on Dawn

She has done a provisional cast-on (white thread) and begun knitting.

She has done a lot of the foundation work to start the sweater. At this point, it is not “mindless knitting”, there is counting and increasing all the way around.

The real beauty of the top down construction is that you can try your sweater on the whole time you are doing it. So here is the first fitting

And here is a close-up of the cable

My sweater, while it is knit from the top to the bottom, it is not really traditional.
Top down has a couple of assumptions that go with it. First, as the name implies, it means you will knit from shoulders down to the waist band. The second implication is that the sweater will be knit in one piece. There will be a minimum of seaming. (like, under the arm pits.)
So far, mine is not knit in one piece. And it looks like there will be a fair amount of seaming.
Here is the beginning of my sweater.
Right out of the gate is the slowest knitting – following a color chart.

How are all of your sweaters coming? Have you made some good progress? Or, have you hit some snags?
Let us know, we would love to see. Post pictures on our Flickr page.

Week 2 Assignment:
Knitting. From the top down, you “should” be about at the shoulders.
This week, we will continue on. Because there is such technical work in the increase rows, it is not fast knitting. And it needs to be done carefully. This is not mindless TV knitting.
For this week, continue knitting, and get through the shoulders and get to the part where the divide for the sleeves happens. This should be past the shoulders, and depending on the sweater, down into the chest. Each of our sweaters will be different. And each one will kick up different challenges.

Keep knitting, and be sure to share comments or questions.



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