Shady Hollow Flea Market

Summer vacation is a time to recharge and regroup. For me, it is always a time to look around, see new things, and collect inspiration for new projects. One of my favorite things to do is visit the local flea market, so when I get the chance to visit a flea market in a different town, I am doubly excited.

We vacation in Northern Minnesota. The whole family winds it’s way up to a resort near Detroit Lakes, called Fair Hills.
Just outside of the magical grounds is The Shady Hollow Flea Market, and I was given time off to go!
Shady Hollow Flea magnets

Here is a little sampling of what I saw.
What are those? Can we do some?

This big bag just screams out at me.
burlap bag
But I think it is a picking bag (cotton? corn?), and it is still on the metal holder. I don’t think I could separate the original pair.

Inside one of the little “houses” was this display of vintage coffee cans.
vintage coffee cans
Oh, it makes me swoon.

Near by was the Astronaut.
tin astronaut toy
They wanted $100. Wha Ha. Well, I looked them up on e-bay, and ho there was still money to be made.

A commemorative plate
1975 plate

Comb and Brush Holders
comb and brush holders

Vintage Juice set
Juice service

A full set of pink dishes!
Pink dishware

Hear that sound? It’s the phone ringing. “Hoarders” is calling, and they are trying to schedule when they are going to come film our show. Luggage limitations prevented me from doing any further damage. I did purchase one present, and one little organization box for myself.

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    • Jenny K
    • Looks like a place I would love to bum around. It was great seeing you when you were in town- looking forward to visiting SF in the fall.

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