iPhone Cover

I wanted to make a gift for a friend. I took a stab at cross stitch. And it stabbed me back. You can read all about it in this post. But I had taken this idea SO far already, that I thought I should just see it through, some how. I really really liked the pixilated pictures that we did as a pattern for the cross stitch. So I took one of those, that was to scale, and I used it.

iPhone Cover:


  • clear iphone cover
  • picture
  • x-acto knife
  • crafting scissors
  • mod podge
  • small paint brush

I got a clear iphone case (really, from a kiosk at the mall), and I set about to glue the dog into the case.

I took the picture, and traced around it with a mechanical pencil. Then I used an x-acto knife to cut it out. I also traced and cut the camera hole.

I brushed a very thin layer of mod podge into the case, and a very thin layer onto the picture (on the actual picture side, because, remember, that is the part you want facing OUT)
I was VERY careful with the delicate wet sheet. I fed it into the case little by little.
I used the brush to try to smooth the air bubbles off to the sides. I was mostly successful.

There are issues. I am not going to say it is perfect. I did not have the luxury of experimenting with different glues and adhesives. I am going to bet some of you paper experts out there (don’t make me name names) have some great ideas about spray adhesive that do not change color, dry clear, and do not allow the paper to warp. Do tell.
We gave the case to our friend and it was INSTANTLY adopted as the case of choice. She loved it. So, there, mission accomplished. Very gratifying end to a long crafting saga.

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One Comment to iPhone Cover
    • DrRuss
    • Susi,
      There are some great spray adhesives out there that might have done the trick. I use 3M Spray Mount for most of my work and it does not yellow or become brittle.

      One other suggest that might have worked for you is Water Transfer Decals. There are some great products out there for laser and inkjet printers that allow you do make decals that you wet and slide onto a surface. I used them for some decorative tiles. I can’t think of the name right now but will send it along.

      Regardless, I think the project is great and imaginative. Best wishes–russ

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