The Doll

This project starts with a story.

My little peanut is very particular about clothes.  She will only wear what she wants to wear. “Too Big” is the ‘reason’ I get for everything, even if it is way too tight. That’s okay. We’ll work on adjectives.  But with winter coming, we cannot reject EVERYTHING bar 3 sundresses. I had an idea that if I made a doll for her, that was her size, and I put the clothes on the doll, that she would become familiar with them, and maybe she would see her way clear to wearing some of them herself.
This doll came up to the living room last night when I was doing the hand work of stitching the hair fringe on – and my little doll “Jambi” – loved this thing from the minute she saw it.


It’s a simple (‘simple’, ha! Is anything ‘simple’? ) rag doll. I embroidered the face on. The eyes are small black buttons. And the hair is fringe from the upholstery section.
The Doll was immediately dressed in some pants that ‘should’ fit right now. And a long sleeve shirt.  I’ll let you know if we see this outfit off the doll, and on the live girl.
But if I measure my success just in the love of the doll itself, then I have already hit a home run.  That is the ultimate craft prize! (cue mushy music. My kid is happy with a home made toy that I poured my love into.  Sigh. Sniff. “love”. Mama victory dance! )
Spread that crafting love!

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6 Comments to The Doll
    • DrRuss
    • What a beautiful story and project. Congratulations on all fronts and hope that the clothing issues work themselves out. I foresee a happy ending on all counts.

    • Lisa Paul
    • What an incredibly clever idea! I know so many mothers who went through this stage and barely survived (kids who wanted to wear bathing suits while it was snowing). This may solve the problem.

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