Quilt Labels

I wanted to look at how people are labeling their quilts.
It is a hot topic. Here are some of the choices:

  • Buy printed labels
  • Make a label with a stamp
  • Write on a patch, and sew the patch on
  • Write directly onto the quilt
  • Embroider

Here are some of my favorites:

Quilt Label
This one from Dixie Chicken

Leaf-shaped quilt label
This from Venus de Hilo
Little Anvil Label
This one by Liz, Lady Havartine. I love the way it reflects the shape of the quilting.

And here is a whole post on how Dan Rouse has tackled the issue.

Green Stag label, photo and quilt by Dan Rouse

(spoiler: he is not a fan of the ‘marker on the quilt’ option.)

And here is one more super special label for your viewing pleasure:

Cute. No? (sigh)

Thank you Grandma Bunnie.

How have you labeled your quilts?
Or any of your work? How do you put your ‘signature’ on your projects?

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3 Comments to Quilt Labels
    • amy dame
    • i machine embroider my labels, and i really like how they turn out. sometimes they’re really simple, with just names and dates, and other times they’re fancier, like my recent Sherbet Pips quilt where i digitized one of the little snails from the fabric design and stitched it out on the label. i stitch them on to the back of the quilt before i start my quilting, or i include them in the pieced back, so they’re definitely part of the quilt and not removable.

      i like the labels where it’s printed, either via spoonflower or with a image transfer, but i’m not super confident that they’ll last. along the same vein, i know a lot of people who use sharpies to write on their quilts, but they aren’t archival or lightfast. there are so many amazing antique quilts that we know nothing about because there’s no label, and i can see the same thing happening 100 years from now, because we weren’t using labels that will last.

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