Project – Last Minute Bacon and Egg Costume

Halloween Time: First, she said she wanted to be “A Princess”, “a purple princess”. Then an Astronaut. Then a chocolate. Then a butterfly. Not a purple butterfly (because I have purple fabric now.) I was told an “onsh” butterfly. I found really wonderful orange butterfly wings, and “we” tried them on. But they were ‘too scratchy’.

Egg and bacon

She saw a picture of two adults dressed as bacon and eggs, and she identified with them instantly. So she started saying she wanted to be bacon and eggs. I had an idea of how I would actually MAKE this look, and so I agreed. I waited to see if there was interest in about a week, and she was still saying “butterfly” and “bacon and eggs”. (The Astronaut was always going to be problematic because of the helmet. She would not be likely to wear that. And “chocolate would likely involve a large armature, and again, she would reject this. Plus, the crazy 3 dimensional costumes are hard to actually play in.)
It is unisex, no sewing, and not expensive. Enjoy!
Here are the directions

Bacon and Egg costume. Supplies:

  • White shirt
  • Red Pants
  • 2 pieces of off white felt
  • 1 piece of bright yellow felt
  • Fiber fill or stuffing (just a handfull)
  • Fabric or craft scissors (depending on what category your felt fits into. )
  • Needle and tread (to sew felt on) OR fabric glue


Cut a big circle out of the yellow felt. If you need a guide use a bowl or a pot lid.

Begin to sew or glue the circle down, stuff in a handful of fiber fill, and then continue to sew or glue the circle down.

Egg top

For the pants, cut wavy strips from the off white rectangles. Lay them down on the pants, and glue or sew in place.

bacon pants

The whole costume cost me less than $17.00 to put together. And if I had glued, it would have taken 15 minutes. I sewed, so I was done in about 40 minutes.

Have fun. I hope your little trick or treaters are all set to go!

Happy Halloween!

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