Quilt Class

I went to ‘my’ Stencil quilt class on Sunday, taught by Dan Rouse.

He is a lovely man. Super stylish and understated. The ladies in the class are all fans of his, and I came to learn that he had recently met Jay McCarroll! In New York!  And THEN, the story came out, Dan submitted a quilt to Jay’s contest, and won!

HABITAT was selected as the winning quilt, and Dan spent 12 days in New York! Man-o-man! Congratulations.

I ran into class, 2 minutes after noon, and I was the last to arrive. I quickly sat down, and listened to Dan’s introduction.  He motioned over to ‘this quilt’ referencing something technical, and I turned my head around to see the quilts on the wall. I must have gasped out loud, because someone chuckled in agreement.
green stag quilt
I have seen lots of pictures of his work, and they are compelling, (that is why I was in the class!)  but in person they are literally breathtaking. Astounding. Complex. Animated. Interesting. …
green stag quilt - quilting on back
He shared with us that the Unicorn quilt had just sold. And he was a little bit sad to say ‘good bye’. (but still, congratulations!)
pink unicorn quilt
And here is the Stag Quilt, again, for your viewing pleasure.
green stag quilt - detail


What a pleasure to be in the class, and meet Dan, and ALL the amazing quilters in the room.

Stay tuned to see how my efforts are progressing.

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    • Angela O.
    • I’m one of your classmates and I totally agree with you. Those quilts were so much more breathtaking in person and Dan was super nice and humble. I was so excited when the class was announced and am so glad to be taking it. I can’t wait to see everyone’s progress when we meet again for part 2. Thanks for posting the unicorn photo; I hadn’t seen that one yet. I think the lizard/dinosaur is still my fave! See you next class!

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