PPR Challenge #8 House of Cornish Design

This week, we had help from our lovely husbands to design a look that we all liked.
vest wave
(It is an interesting notion; the thought that our vision our partners have of us is different than our vision, or maybe just different than our aesthetic.)
Front: dress
My lovely husband said that he prefers to see his wife in skirts.
back detail
He likes it when there is ‘leg’ showing. With that in mind as a brief, I made this dress, with a lovely silk quilted vest.
silk vest
I will admit to you that the vest started as a really cool jacket. But there is an inside layer to the quilted silk fabric that really disagreed with my model. She is very temperamental, and was rendered “all thumbs” in this challenge. : )
I will not stand on the runway and blather on about excuses, but you would have seen my sketch and original idea in the extended session.
vest detail
It is hard to see the detail, but the pattern on the front of the vest meets up!
See you on the runway!

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2 Comments to PPR Challenge #8 House of Cornish Design
    • Tawny
    • Coats are so difficult to maneuver on these models. I tried to make one last week and my model couldn’t put her arms down. Gah! I love the quilted vest though. Very autumnish and stylish..

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