8,000 Feet Hoodie – Dividing the Sleeve and Body

Just a quick 8,000 Feet Hoodie update to show you what the sweater looks like once you divide the sleeves and the body.
8,000 Feet Hoodie
At this point the sleeve stitches are on a stitch holder (a piece of scrap yarn) and the front and back stitches are joined together. The front pieces meet together easily in the middle, keep in mind a 1 inch buttonband will still be added to the width here.
8,000 Feet Hoodie
Extra stitches are cast on between the front and back stitches creating the bottom of the armhole. You can see I have a nice loose fit which is what I want as I’ll be layering this sweater over t-shirts and don’t want it to be tight at all.

Now, I’ll start knitting the rest of the body. This can be the most tedious part of doing a sweater, but I’ll be traveling over the next week and this is great mindless knitting for on planes and such. Because I’m tall, I’ll probably end up making the body longer than the pattern calls for, luckily I can try it on as I go.

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