Quilt of the Day: Weaving The Strands

Kathy and I love to share links to quilts that capture our attention and inspire us. We wish we could make them all.

The quilt of the day today is Weaving the Strands by Kirie at Shape Moth.

How great. I love the Aqua and acid green.

(check out the aqua clothes pins.  Great for the photo shoot!)

I love the way there are breaks in the stripes, like weaving, but the breaks are not regular.  And your eye moves along, filling in the blanks. It creates a great sense of motion.

I just love the aqua.

I would not have picked the black here. And whenever I hear myself say that, I take note. Why wouldn’t I have chosen it? And would that have been the right decision?

Here, I would not have picked black because I am a chicken. And I would have thought black was too striking a contrast. Kirie picked it, and used it perfectly, almost like leaded stain glass. It is sharp and wonderful.

Look at the BACK! Wow.

I love the backs of quilts almost as much as the front, because it is a chance to play in a whole different way with the same fabrics. The ladder strip here is a sampler of all the fabrics she used.  It showcases how many fabrics went into this project. I always think “oh that looks like five fabrics” and then usually the real number is 12. Here, the real number is 16.  Note to me, “keep adding fabric” it makes the pattern more dynamic, and rich.

AND let me highlight, Kirie says this is her SECOND quilt.

My hat is off. Thank you Kirie for sharing your lovely work! You are definitely gifted!

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2 Comments to Quilt of the Day: Weaving The Strands
    • Brazenjane
    • The back of the quilt is so very beautiful, I love the idea of highlighting which fabrics have been used in this way. Think I may nick that idea for the back of my 2nd quilt too. Check out the pix of my first quilt in the link.

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