Quilt of the day: the big leagues

Kathy and I like to send each other links to beautiful quilts that capture our attention or inspire us.
This quilt is called “Urban Beads”
"Urban Beads"

Urban Beads

It was made by Jenny, at Sew Kind of Wonderful.
And, yes, she is a professional quilter.
What do I love about this quilt? Let me write a sonnet about it!
The colors are rich, and contemporary. The pattern is simple, but elegant.
The quilting is unbelievable. It is just extraordinary.
And, think about how unforgiving this pattern is! There is nothing “wonky” or “free form” here. There is no where to hide. The beads all line up, and they have to, because the negative space is as important as the positive space.
"Urban Beads"

Urban Beads, by Jenny

Thank you Jenny, my new (internet) friend. You have inspired me!

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