Quilt of the Day: Paint Chip Quilt

Today’s quilt is called Paint Chip Quilt by Kim.

What a beautiful, simple quilt.
The ‘funny’ thing about this one is that I find myself so drawn to be big bold prints in the store. Amy Butlter. Anna Maria Horner. Love. Love.
And then I see something like this, and it is just takes my breath away. It is ‘just’ solid.
The choice of color is exceptional. I am wondering if she picked all these out in a store (on-line or brick and mortar) Or if she took the fabric and over-died it herself. And either way I am impressed.
Take this amazing hombre of fabric, and pick the simplest elegant quilt design.

And then execute it perfectly. And there you have it.
There was even careful choice given to thread color. It is that kind of thoughtfulness that elevates this quilt to art.

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3 Comments to Quilt of the Day: Paint Chip Quilt
    • Caty
    • Looks like she hand dyes the fabric “based on [her] own dye recipes” (It’s on the Etsy profile for the quilt.) Gorgeous!

    • Lori
    • I have a thing with solids too. I have been collecting them for a while waiting to do one of my quilts that has been rolling around in my mind and on my graph paper.

      Okay so where are the quilting socials? Are you going to start something there?

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