Project Project Runway – Challenge #2

Get out your glue guns it’s time for the unconventional materials challenge!

Challenge – Pet Project
Use anything from a pet store to make your design. (If you have pet stuff at home you can use it rather than buy something.) You can use a base fabric like muslin to build your outfit on. Tim reminds us, “The judges do not repsond well to looks that come out of unconventional challenges that use a lot of fabric.”

Time Limit – You have 13 hours to create your design.

Accessories – Feel free to chose shoes and accessories from the Piperlime Accessory Wall to go with to go with your outfit.

Runway Day – Thursday, August 11th
Just a reminder only in progress photos should be posted to the Flickr group before Runway Day. Save the big reveal for next Thursday.

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4 Comments to Project Project Runway – Challenge #2
    • Deb Westbury
    • Truely believed the Birdseed dress should have won…The one did did nothing for the top half of the shirt…and I guess if you end up in the bottom twice you need to go home…

      • Jeanie
      • Ditto! They never even commented on how he used a dog bed….regualr fabric…for the top of her dress. That was the one thing they said not to do and he used it for half of his project. I liked the skirt part, but the top was terrible! At least they said it didn’t fit well. Oh well….

      • Kat
      • So, Nina said later on that the reason the bird seed dress lost was because it was such an exact copy of a McQueen line & that part of the discussion was cut off the show. When you see the McQueen dresses its true but did he really think of that when he made it, who knows. I though Olivier’s dress was not the winner though, if it makes you model look huge it’s not good!

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