Iron Craft Challenge #33 – Finishing the UFOs

This week on Iron Craft we challenged everyone to pull out those UnFinished Objects and get them finished. Like all crafters, I have more partially finished projects stashed around the house then I care to admit. I had hope to be really productive this week and get one done everyday, but that just didn’t happen.

Here’s what I did get done…
Iron Craft Challenge #33 - Signe Mittens
First thing I did was finish my Signe Mittens. These were suffering a little bit from the terrible twos, you know when you are making something that comes in pairs and you just can’t motivate yourself to finished the second one. They are done now and in plenty of time for winter.

This was a fun pattern to knit though I had to make a few adjustments to it to make it fit my long, thin hands. First, I used a smaller needle on the cuff then the body, so the cuff would be tighter. Secondly, I put the thumb up a little higher on the hand. Finally, I made the thumb longer which meant I had to create more of a pattern for it.

The next object I finished was the Potted Button Tree based on something I saw in a Christmas shop in Bruges, Belgium.
Iron Craft Challenge #33 - Potted Button Tree
I had knit up the tree pieces last year, but never got around to finishing it. The tree is white on one side and red on the other. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. So pleased in fact, that I’m working on the pattern and tutorial to share with you all next week.

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      • Kat
      • Yeah, I think they would look great with the same color on both sides too. I was just trying to make ones like the one’s a saw the first time out.

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