Lullaby Pillowcase Finished

Whew, I actually finished the Lullaby Pillowcase one week before the deadline for QR-3D. I really pleased with out it turned out.
Lullaby Pillowcase

Lullaby Pillowcase
The QR code was outlined with a simple backstitch and then filled in with about a billion french knots. I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t be exact enough to work, but if you scan it with your smart phone it’ll play Brahms’ Lullaby for you.
Lullaby Pillowcase
The sheep are also mainly made with french knots and a few straight stitches. (I’ll post a little tutorial later this week on how to make them, because they are just too darn cute in my opinion.)
Lullaby Pillowcase

Lullaby Pillowcase
Part of this project was about creating textile QR code that are also 3D. That is why I went with the french knots, they really lift the embroidery off the fabric.
Lullaby Pillowcase
Now, I just have to wait and find out if it gets picked for the exhibition at Cornerhouse in Manchester, UK. Fingers-crossed for me.

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14 Comments to Lullaby Pillowcase Finished
    • Elle
    • It works! I’m listening to it right now! That is FABULOUS! I must add that I adore the sheep! Fingers crossed, good luck!

    • Susi
    • That is just awesome! It is clever, and beautiful AND functional and witty. That is just GREAT! Good for you!
      If they don’t pick it, they are nuts!

    • Seanna Lea
    • This is super well done. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! (Well, DNA, because it is hard to cross fingers and type at the same time.)

    • Sarah O
    • I love your pillow cases and the fact that if you scan it, it play’s a lullaby. I just read about the Qr-3D site and it sounds really neat!

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    • Karen June Grant
    • I am just blown away by this project and can’t get over how the art of embroidery meets technology… brilliant! I stumbled upon your work via a link at craftgawker and was wondering if I might write a post about this piece on my blog? You can see my blog at I am an mixed media hand embroidery artist in the Boston, MA area and would love to tell others about your work.

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