Iron Craft Challenge #29 – Wooden Buttons

For Iron Craft this week we were to make something using buttons. I decided to take things slightly different and make my own buttons.
Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons
I thought it might be fun to try making some rustic wooden buttons with one of the many tree branches that have fallen in my yard during this summer’s crazy storms. I was hoping the bark would stay on these, but it broke off as soon as I cut them. Matt said, it’s probably because the wood was dry and that a greener branch might hold on to the bark better. I’m not sure what I’m going to use these on, but I have an idea for a pillow embroidered with stylistic trees that they might just look great on.

Wooden Button How-To:
These are super easy to make with just a few tools.

Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons
branch about the size you want you buttons
fine tooth saw – Mine is for cutting wall trim
scrap wood to drill into
drill with small bit
fine sandpaper
polyurethane or varnish
small paint brush

Useful but not necessary:
nail about the same size as your drill bit

Making the Buttons
Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons
1. Put your branch in a vise if you are using one. Cut thin disks from the branch. Mine were about 1/8″ thick.
Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons
2. Tape a disc to your scrap wood and mark with a pen where you want the holes. My holes aren’t perfectly centered, but I like the way that looks.
3. Use your drill to carefully put in the holes. I found it was best to start slowly or the drill would slip.
Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons
4. Use the paintbrush to coat your buttons in a few coats of polyurethane or varnish. I used a satin polyurethane, but wish I had had something glossier.
5. If the polyurethane starts to clog up your holes, use the nail to open them back up.
Iron Craft Challenge #29 - Wooden Buttons

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