Button Challenge

THIS week the challenge was to make something out of buttons.

I did so many things, that can offer a whole ‘round up’ just on my own.

My first attempt was just to recreate the bicycle that I posted as a possibility.

I have to say; let’s just leave the wire bending to the professionals. The one I posted was charming, and mine looked goofy, not in a good way.
I went back to my buttons, and just looked for inspiration.

My second project is a lovely string of ‘bubbles’ for my “enchantment under the sea world” that I am working on. I am excited to show you that. Later.

Finally, I set to work on a framed piece to display some of the beautiful antique pieces that I have collected.
Here is how I did it
I got shadow box frames at Michael’s and lovely wool suiting that I chose for my base.

I made an arrangement that I liked, and transferred it to a big red envelope that I had, that was the same size as the cloth, just to have a layout.
It would be easy to think about gluing the buttons down. But that does not seem to be the right thing to do with these little jems. So I went to a needle and thread, and sewed hem all down.
I added a green silk ribbon to the boarder. It helped to visually break apart the black background and the black frame itself.

I took some close ups of some of the best ones

Steps involved:

1. Get a frame, and choose a backing fabric (and buttons, of course)

2. Do the layout ahead of time. You are more likely to get an arrangement that you are pleased with.

3. Don’t pick black wool suiting. It will only be successful in a surgically sterile, “clean room” environment.

4. Have your layout in front of you when you are working.

5. If you are using vintage buttons, you will need the smallest needle manufactured. Ever. In the history of time.  With the smallest eye ever. Some of these buttons have tiny holes in them.

6. If the frame is black, you may want to pick a contrasting color.  Or pick out a mat, and leave room for it in your layout. (I actually LOVE the look of the buttons on the red. But who knew that would be my favorite? )

In the end, why do I have these amazing collections if I am not enjoying them? I need to get them out, and display them.

Have fun – happy crafting to all.


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