Iron Craft Challenge #25 – Lullaby Pillowcase

This week for Iron Craft we were challenged to create something using a QR code in conjunction with the QR-3D project. I think I had some high expectations about what I could get done in one week, especially when I’m filling in the black parts with french knots.
Iron Craft Challenge #25 - Lullaby Pillowcase
What I’m working on is a pillowcase and the the QR code takes you to a video that plays Brahms Lullaby when you scan it, thus the Lullaby Pillowcase.
Iron Craft Challenge #25 - Lullaby Pillowcase
I have plans to do some more embroidery on either side of the QR code. Something florally and old sort of old school embroidered pillowcase. I will have it done in time to meet the QR-3D deadline on July 31.
Iron Craft Challenge #25 - Lullaby Pillowcase
Iron Craft Challenge #25 - Lullaby Pillowcase
Iron Craft Challenge #25 - Lullaby Pillowcase
This is also my day 21 of 30 Days of Creativity.

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8 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #25 – Lullaby Pillowcase
    • Lori
    • Cool idea. I did not know that they actually will bring you to sites. Oh I am so hopelessly slow on the tech front.

    • Betty Anne
    • I absolutely ADORE this! I am new to embroidery, and I may not have the patience for all those french knots (but they are so satisfying, aren't they?) but a satin stitch would work. Very cool. Very cool.

    • kat
    • Hi Betty Anne – See I hate satin stitch & it never looks as good as I want but french knot fill I just find so yummy. I love the texture it creates.

    • Betty Anne
    • Kat– Yeah, I agree with you. You can't beat the texture. But I would be beating my head with all the knots. I just think the whole thing is incredible. Very clever!

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