Challenge #27 – Stars and Stripes

As we head to the 4th of July, the stores fill up with Red, White and Blue accessories. Old Navy puts out a whole LINE of clothing for the day. It’s funny, because at least with Christmas sweaters, you can get a whole season out of the piece. But much as I WISH it were, the 4th of July is not a whole season. It is just a day, and if you are lucky, you stretch it into a weekend.

In honor of the 4th, and all the fun, we challenge you to make something ‘stars and stripes’ inspired.
Here is what I did last year. (so stinkin’ cute!)
pinwheel dress

Golf ball

Here is a beautiful flag made from jeans and ribbons, by Anne Carrington.

Let’s step back a bit, and not be quite so literal
Here is a garland that was decoupaged on Factory Direct Craft.

And as for stripes, Apartment Therapy did a whole post on stripes in the home. It has some lovely ideas.

Have fun. Happy Crafting. Happy Holiday.

Posting date is Wednesday, July 6th. Only in progress photos should be shared before that date. Please tag photos with IC27 and IronCraft.

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One Comment to Challenge #27 – Stars and Stripes
    • Ambi
    • Actually it is possible to get a little more use out of your 4th of July themed clothing. Obviously the week or so leading up things can be worn but also Memorial day (end of May) it is common to see flags and show support for our country and troops. Also flag day is June 14th (something like that) so another great day for wearing red, white and blue. Sometimes people will wear flag themed stuff on Labor day also and if it's not too over the top the colors are good for summer activities.

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