Challenge #21 – Where We Come From

I’m is Swedish, Lithuanian, Irish, German/Polish and French/Canadian. My dad has been researching our family history and it has been so interesting to see things like the the Ellis Island records of my namesake great-grandmother’s arrival from Lithuania.

My Great Grandmother 1916
My great-grandmother Katherine with my grandmother in the carriage.

Or hear stories of covered wagons, one-room school houses and growing up Swedish in Minnesota.

My Grandmother 1926-27
My grandmother when she taught in a one room school house in Dentaybow, MN at 19.

As I am heading to Sweden in a couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about family history. To that end, this week’s challenge is to create something based on your family’s heritage.

Here’s some project ideas based on my heritage…
lithuanian mittens # 2 thumb up
Beautiful Lithuanian knits from Flickr user reeniebeanie
Gnome Christmas Ornament
Swedish Tomte ornament made by me
An embroidered celtic knot from Instructables.
I can’t wait to see how your heritage influences all of you!

Posting date is Wednesday, May 25. Only in progress photos can be posted before that date. Please tag photos with IC21 and IronCraft.

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6 Comments to Challenge #21 – Where We Come From
    • Lori
    • Dentaybow – wow, I was just googling that place because I was doing some family history research myself (for my son's school project) and found out from my dad that my Grandma was born in Dentaybow. I wonder if she went to school where your Grandma was a teacher? So sad that she's no long with us to ask about it…

    • Steve
    • I'm Lori's Dad. Your Grandmother probably knew Kathrine and Jack Densmore as 7th or 8th graders, and my Mom, Lorna Densmore, as a first grader. Uncle Jack showed us where the school was, but the building is gone. Jack is still alive.

    • kat
    • Steve & Lori – Believe it or not my Grandmother hand wrote a "newspaper" with the state exam results & Jack and Katherine are mentioned all through it. She even says as a results of the exams Jack is no longer attending school. If you would like a copy please email me at theironcraft (at) yahoo (dot) com

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