World Peace begins with one post card

I received a package from India in the mail. What a great day. The package was slathered with stamps, and wonderful “Air Mail” stickers.
My Package from India
I saved it for a day, closed. And then I opened it.
"... tied up with string"
It was my post card that I got from the challenge we did.
Mine was beautiful!
Wooden elephant It is an elephant, all made from wood.
Wood Tree Detail
There is a lovely note in it from the artist who made it.

I have never met her. I have never been to India. But now I am connected to a craft friend across the globe.
Ochr Elephant
I traveled abroad in college, and we lived abroad for a year when I was in school. I have long believed that our connections to people around the world are the key to world peace. How could anyone ever bomb a place they have visited? In theory or in practice.
Now, I have a friend in India! In a land that I have never been to. If everyone had one friend abroad, all fighting would end in a week. Maybe this is an over simplification of actual deep seeded political issues. But really, what could it hurt to TRY?
So, maybe Iron Craft is the key to world peace? I think I should get in touch with Ms. H. Clinton and discuss crafting and the end to global warfare. And recycling too.
Thank you, my friend Rashmi, for my wonderful package.
Here is to snail mail, crafting, blogging, and world peace!

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