Iron Crafter Feature – Dr. Russ

What is your name?

Russ aka Dr. Russ

Where do you live?

Live in one of the greatest cities of the world— New York City by way of Houston TX (born), West Lafayette IN (school) and Tampa (1st real job)

What kind of crafts do you do?

I am a paper and book artist. I make journals, decorative boxes and other paper crafts.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I have a very Asian aesthetic but find inspiration wherever I am. I am especially drawn to color and the combination of colors.

What new crafts or techniques would you like to learn?

I have tried to teach myself to knit of three separate occasions. Major FAIL each time.

Do you have a blog and/or Esty store?

My blog is and my etsy store is I started making handmade greeting cards to pay for my acting, voice and dance lessons when I moved to NYC (hence the name). I opened up my Etsy store so my friends could use credit cards to buy my stuff—like most actors, they want the stuff now and want to pay for it later.

Ten Random Things You Might Not Know About Me:

  1. I am a paper hoarder. I keep adding to my collection and I can’t seem to stop.
  2. My favorite meal is a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich (2/3rds PB to 1/3rd jelly, thank you) and Crunchy Cheetos.
  3. I would rather make decorative boxes than anything else in the world. I am totally oblivious to the world around me when I am making boxes.
  4. I have a Ph.D in Sociology—hence he nickname, Dr.Russ (which is what my students call me when I teach).
  5. My favorite color is orange.
  6. At night, I work as the Backstage Doorman for a Broadway theater.
  7. I am addicted to potatoes and sugar. The second one I am trying to break away from.
  8. I have lots and lots of tattoos. Both arms are covered and the other places you would have to know me better to find out about.
  9. If you want to laugh, take me to a scary/slasher movie and watch me instead. My friends will watch the movie first and then invite me to the same movie later. They will spend the entire movie watching me and laughing while I jump, twitch, and grab people sitting next to me. I bruised my best friend’s arm because I was grabbing him so hard. Me and scary movies are a contact sport.
  10. Last year, I made 23% of my annual income through my paper arts. This year, I hope to increase that to 35%. Next year, I hope to quit my day job and work in my studio until I have to go to the theater.

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8 Comments to Iron Crafter Feature – Dr. Russ
    • Seanna Lea
    • It's terrific that you are able to make so much of your income through your art! I hope to get there someday, but it is a slow process for me to figure out things like products and pricing.

    • Lisa
    • Great interview – it must be interesting to view crafting through a sociological lens ^_^ And I feel you on the potatoes … best food *ever*

    • shopgirl
    • Dr Russ.
      Nice to meet you!
      Do you put the cheetos in the sandwich?
      Congratulations on your success ($$) with your craft. That is a dream come true!
      Your work is beautiful!

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