Challenge #15 Round Up Part 1

We’re playing with our food this week on Iron Craft. (Hmmmm…are Peeps really considered a food?)

Susi & I were both had movies on the mind with this challenge.
peeps of oz
Susi recreated a scene from the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy Peep on the yellow peep road to the emerald peep city.
Iron Craft Challenge #15 - Peep Show Iron Craft Challenge #15 - Peep Show
I tried to recreate a couple movie posters. First something current with Black Peep & then a little retro with Attack of the 50ft Peep.

Let’s see how all the other Iron Crafters got Peep sugar all over their houses.
(click on any picture to see it bigger or read more)
ICC15-Goldfinch Peeps 2 Iron Craft #14
Iron Craft #14 Iron Craft #15
Iron Craft #15 Chicks House
Completely Edible Easter Basket Peep Topiary
Peep Art IC-# 15
IC15 peeps_candleholder_candle_happycakecrafts_4_11
Iron Craft IC15:  Peep Wreath Peepcakes
Peeps Roasting Marshmallows IMG_0994
Baklava Bellydance in Peeps topeepiary
Easter Cupcake IC #14: Poetry Peeps in a Nest
033 IC15: Marshmallow Topiary
Peeps! fairy peeps and the Maypole
princess and the peep peeps on the cob

More Round-Ups as the Projects come in…

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7 Comments to Challenge #15 Round Up Part 1
    • Quiltilicious
    • Argh! the week went by so fast! Maybe I'll have time to do something after work and after the wake I need to go to… I've been eating them instead of crafting with them (and I KNEW this was going to happen!!!!).

    • claire
    • This challenge was just too cute for me to handle. I'm evil. I thought about doing all manner of bad things to Peeps- burning them, dismembering them- but others had already done that. I had nothing new to offer.

      Can't wait for the next challenge, but I had to sit this one out. Bummer.

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