Challenge #15 – Bunny or Chick?

Here we come, running towards Spring, and Easter.
For this challenge, we will be focused on a Material.
You must take Peeps, and transform them into something new.

As back story, Peeps are an iconic Spring ‘treat’. They are Marshmallows, shaped like either yellow chicks or pink bunnys. They are inexpensive, and bright, and artificial through and through. But there they are.
Let’s make something else from them!
Here are some ideas to set you on your way:
Peeps Sushi

A Peeps Portrait

Evidently, there are purple chicks, pink chicks and bright blue chicks as well. But these are more rare.

My personal favorite: a Good Night Moon Peeps Diorama. I am blown away by the creativity and the attention to detail there. And believe me, I know every detail of every page of that charming story!

Kentucky Fried Peeps! “Bucket o Peeps” !

Now, we here at Iron Craft realize that we are a global group. And Peeps, sadly, are only available in the US and parts of Canada.
(this is really only a sadness for this whacky challenge. Exporting Peeps would be a culinary and cultural mistake.)
So for you citizens of the globe, lets expand the challenge to include anything “marshmallow” in nature.
Here is an example of Marshmallow art:

For all Peep officianados out there, The Washington Post hosts an annual Peeps Contest.
Here is a video tour of the winning dioramas. I am sorry to say that we have missed the deadline for entry this year. So that either inspires you for next year, or it is a relief, and it takes the pressure away. This can be your dry run for next years’ contest entry!

The finished projects can be displayed on April 13. Work-room photos only before then please.

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22 Comments to Challenge #15 – Bunny or Chick?
    • Lisa
    • Do we have to craft something *with* marshmallows, or is the *theme* marshmallows? Sorry, this is probably a silly question, but I just want to be sure ^_^ Rashmi, if marshmallow is a theme, then maybe you could craft something fluffy and sweet? ^_^

    • kat
    • rashmi r – Oh shoot, we hoped marshmallows were available in India. I'll leave the final call to Susi since this is her challenge but maybe you could make something that looks like a peep or uses the image of a peep.

    • shopgirl
    • Rashmi, is there a spring time candy that is silly and iconic in India? In England, for instance, the Cadbury Eggs are popular. Is there something like that? How about if you take a different kind of candy (that is a little bit silly) and transform it. To help us see where you went, take a before picture too. (Hmmm, do I smell another challenge coming on?)

    • val
    • peeps….I think I'm the only one who doesn't seem to like them….but I haven't had one in YEARS. Must mean its time to do another taste test!

    • Manisha
    • I found blue, pink, purple, and green chics at the store near my house. I opted for the blue bunnies. I haven't had one in years, maybe more than a decade, and was I a little happy that I had more than my project calls for? Heck, yes! I may regret it later…

    • Lori
    • Oh my! This is an interesting challenge. I am so curious to see what comes up next week.

      Love the marshmallow abstract.

    • QAMom
    • I tried making my own peeps one year, they weren't pretty LOL.

      I'm hoping inspiration will hit when I get to the store this afternoon to get some peeps!

    • Lolly
    • Bought some peeps. I am a chick peep girl.

      I hope I got some good pictures, cuz Second Son swooped in like a hawk and ate them.


    • PerilsofRosella
    • Aw man… I really wanted to do this challenge, but alas, I am a vegetarian. Although using peeps does not involve eating them, I'd rather not handle a meat product (gelatin, for those wondering), unless it's for my cat.

      I remember the days of battling peeps in the microwave…

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