Challenge #9 Round-Up Part 1

Other than getting to see a lot of the lovely Colin Firth, this year’s Oscar show wasn’t very exciting. Luckily, the Iron Crafters movie inspired project are.

Kathy was inspired by the costumes in Jane Austen’s Emma & sewed herself a top based on the Regency style dresses.
Iron Craft Challenge #9 - An Austen Heroine
Susi’s English husband introduced her to the movies of Cliff Richard which lead to her being inspired by the movie Summer Holiday. In the movie a double decker bus is turned into a camper.
double decker tea towels

Let’s see what the other Iron Crafters inspirational movies were…
(As usually click any picture to see it bigger & read more.)
IronCraft IC9:  Gnomeo & Juliet Hat IC9D--And the Envelope Please . . .
          Gnomeo & Juliet                  Classic Move Star Envelopes
IC9- The Oscar Goes to...The lady in Black! My Neighbor Totoro
The “Indian Oscar’s” Lady in Black          My Neighbor Totoro
IC9- The Oscars IC9 - Time Turner
              Black Swan                Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Annie Hall Wonka Bar iPod cozy
                 Annie Hall                                   Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
pin cushion caddy finished IMG_0802
            Wizard of Oz                                 Star Wars
Iron Craft # 9 IC9
          Oscar Night Envelope                                   My Neighbor Totoro
pincushion_finished_both_sides_happycakecrafts_2_11 IC-week9_movies
       King’s Speech/Black Swan                           Red Carpet Plans
Fabric Necklace gnome-1
                Red Carpet Jewels                                   Gnomeo & Juliet
DSCN1115 Sushi (Pure Country 2 The Gift)
              Twilight/New Moon                          Pure Country 2 The Gift
Fried Green Tomatoes Inspired Collage and, of course, Crochet: Ninny Threadgoode's rose collage Bracelet for ICC9
               Fried Green Tomatoes                          Anne of Green Gables
As you wish. Kill Bill: Sword Push Pins
                 The Princess Bride                                Kill Bill
                 Amelie                             Audrey Hepburn
Locavore's Notebook Iron Craft #9 The Oscar goes to...
                  Food Inc.                                            Harry Potter
Iron Craft #9 The Oscar goes to... The Penguin Huddle
                     Toy Story 1                                     March of the Penguins

Round-Up 2 coming up as the project roll in….

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6 Comments to Challenge #9 Round-Up Part 1
    • Seanna Lea
    • March of the Penguins is awesome! My favorite penguin is the one we've nicknamed Bob, who is always standing outside of the circle instead of at least on the edges staying warm.

    • Lynda Evans
    • I loved this challenge and I hope we do another movie theme later this year. Music, books are good possible sources too. I'm having so much fun doing this. If it was easier to post pictures (for me, that is) I would be on time most weeks. Even if my project is a big fail, I learned something, stretched my creativity and took a risk. Thanks for doing this!

      Lynda in San Diego

    • kat
    • Lynda – I'm sure you'll see another challenge this year based on the arts of one sort or another. Sorry you have a hard time posting pictures. If you need any help or advice on it let me know.

    • ivenad
    • I totally ran out of time this week and am very saddened by it! I went to the thrift store, found the barkcloth, found a pattern and cut out the jacket that was inspired by Gone with wind. But no time to sew this week for the Iron. May i still post when I get it done? Everything on here is SOOO amazing!

    • kat
    • Ivenad – You can totally post it to the Flickr group when you get it done. I just probably won't get it into one of the round-ups on the blog.

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