Challenge #14 – Wish You Were Here

It’s spring break time so, some of us are getting cards in the mail that look like this.
Surfer Max Cousins on the beach
Yeah, I’m thrilled to see this as I shovel out from yet another Minnesota snowstorm this Spring! But, it did lead to this week’s theme: postcards. For this challenge we’d like you to create a postcard or art card. You can do whatever you want to the card; draw, paint, photoshop a photo, embroider, applique, collage, the sky is the limit.
la tour eiffel ATC #1 - 'Heartstrings'
The theme of the card can be anything you want, a place, a quote…anything.
ATC - (Jane Austen) An Object of Admiration, Traded vintage telegram1
(There are some beautiful cards on Flickr in various ATC groups, which is where I found the samples for this post. Click on any picture to see the designer on Flicker.)

There is one rule, the card size should meet USPS regulations for size for postcards

  • Rectangular
  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long
  • No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long

Then I thought why not even make it more fun & let’s swap the cards! I really love how this group has started commenting on each others projects & is building into a community, this just seemed like the next step. You do not have to participate in the swap to do the challenge but, why not join the fun.
If you want to be part of the postcard swap here’s the scoop…

  • Email us with your name & mailing address by posting day, Wednesday, April 6th.
  • I will give your address to someone else in the group on Thursday, April 7th.
  • Please try to mail you card out by Thursday, April 14th. (if you need to be late due to traveling or illness just let me know)
  • Remember our group is international so, you may be given an address anywhere in the world. 
  • When making your card keep in mind you will need to mail it so, think about thickness as well as size. It doesn’t have to be mailed as a postcard but should at least work in an envelope if you don’t want to pay extra.
  • If you agree to be in the swap please follow through so nobody sends out a card without getting one in return.

Posting date is Wednesday, April 6th. In progress photos maybe posted before that date. Please tag your photos with IC14 & IronCraft.

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18 Comments to Challenge #14 – Wish You Were Here
    • Melissa
    • This one is definitely going to be a challenge. I've never made a card before, but I have an idea of what I'm going to attempt to do. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

    • luluvision
    • ok! I've been slacking in my iron crafting lately but you say the word swap and I'm super motivated! I love getting mail so I'm coming back in! LOL!

    • Chinnu
    • Lolly- hahaha…!! Can't help Paper is my favorite medium…see how Draft Dodger and Fat quarter stumped me!! But i thoroughly enjoy seeing all the projects shared here, great show!

      Am sure you did come up with something great this time too…..Good Luck!!

    • val
    • what a neat challenge….I've not done paper crafts so I look forward to trying my hand at this. I'll sit out the swap part though as I'm hosting one myself right now!

    • Chris
    • This sounds really fun. I've never made a post card or an ATC but I've done a lot of things for Iron Craft that I haven't done before. That is the beauty of Iron Craft, it pushes you past what you know to find something new and fun.

    • Manisha
    • Does it have to be a postcard or can it be a folding card? I am very excited about this challenge but am a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities! I even dreamed about it last night!

    • kat
    • Manisha – I think for this challenge we are looking for postcards. If you are joining the swap you can send it in an envelope though

    • Beth
    • This is a fantastic idea. I've just been reading this book called Good Mail Day about the whole mail art community, and I've been wanting to try making some mail art. I'm definitely going to swap!

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