Challenge #12 – Wanna Get Lucky?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone. Are you feeling the luck of the Irish today? I hope so because this week’s theme is Lucky.

What do you consider Lucky? Do you have a lucky charm?
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                         A rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe?
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                  Does your luck come from Ireland or Asia?
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     Perhaps you have a lucky number or deck of cards.
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                            Good Luck with this week’s challenge!

(Ok, I realize a few of you did something with the word Lucky in it for last week’s challenge. You are welcome to take a by week if you don’t have anymore lucky inspiration.)

Posting date is Wednesday, March 23rd. In progress photos may be posted before that date. Please tag photos with IC12 & IronCraft.

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8 Comments to Challenge #12 – Wanna Get Lucky?
    • Lolly
    • At first I thought…uggh…more shamrocks, I can't take it.

      Then I got to Internet surfing and realized, the world is filled with symbols of luck.

      No green shamrocks from me this week. Moving on to something different.

      This'll be fun.

    • Chris
    • Am I the only one craving a bowl of lucky charms now? 😛

      I think I have my idea if I can pull it off. It comes from a book. When I came across the description I snorted Mello Yello out of my nose and then I had random giggle fits throughout the day when I thought about it.

    • kat
    • I tried to find examples that weren't all shamrocks when I did the post. I know personally I'll be heading in a more Asian vein….

    • Joseph
    • I glanced at this really quickly this morning to let some ideas start forming on my morning walk to my daughters school. On a second read through I read the title and I think Kat may have just propositioned all of us.
      Kim DiGiorgio

    • kat
    • Manisha – Think of a lucky token you could make or a symbol for luck you could put on something or perhaps think of something you are lucky for….

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