Challenge #10 – FAT Tuesday in the QUARTER

Ok, are you guys ready for how my brain works? It’s a little scary… I was thinking about the fact that next Tuesday is Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday. Now here in the States, the biggest Fat Tuesday celebration in is the French Quarter of New Orleans. So, this week’s challenge is all about the Fat Quarter.

Fat Quarters
Just a little portion of my personal stash. 

I like to call this a materials challenge because we’ll be asking you to work with a particular crafting material instead of giving you a theme or particular project. In this case the Fat Quarter. A Fat Quarter is a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that (usually) measures 18″ x 22″ (approx. 46 cm x 56 cm) instead of the typical 9″ x 44″ quarter-yard cut. Depending on the fabric, I’ve seen them available for $0.99 up to $6.00 for more expensive fabrics. I picked some up in Amsterdam & there they called them Hobby Slices. You don’t have to go out & buy a fat quarter though, you could cut one from a piece of fabric you already have or recycle fabric from old clothes if you wanted.

Hobby Fabric Stand
Stand at a street market in Amsterdam selling hobbylapjes

Here are the rules for the challenge…

1. You can use one Fat Quarter of fabric (you can use more than one fabric but the total amount should be as close to 18 in x 22 in or 46 cm x 56 cm as possible)
2. You can use any other crafting supplies, paint, glue, yarn, wood, paper, bias tape…. but, no other fabric. (Ok, I know bias tape is fabric but sort of in a different form.)

So, what can you do with such a small amount of fabric? Line a knit purse, cover a frame, make a small bag or case, sew a plush toy, create some doll clothes…

Need more ideas?
Sew Mama Sew did a whole month of fat quarter projects with tutorials
Type A Parent offers another list of fat quarter projects

I’m looking forward to seeing how you all stretch your crafty imaginations on this one!

Posting date is Wednesday, March 9th. Please tag photos with IC10 & IronCraft. Feel free to share in progress photos & a picture of your Fat Quarter before the posting date.

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19 Comments to Challenge #10 – FAT Tuesday in the QUARTER
    • Lynda Evans
    • Great idea! A few weeks ago I found two fat quarter quilt kits on clearance at Joann's and now have at least 60 fat quarters. This will get me going on ideas on how to use them (no, I've got no intention of making the quilts, I just wanted the fabric!)

      Lynda in San Diego

    • kat
    • Lynda – I have a friend like you who collects fat quarters but is not a quilter. She was also part of the inspiration for this challenge.

    • Dr. Russ
    • I am actually stumped on this one. This is the first challenge that I haven't immediately come up with a project(s).

      I might actually have to dust off my sewing machine for this one.

    • kat
    • Dr Russ – I'd love to see how you could incorporate fabric into your beautiful cards. Though if we can get you back to sewing that is a good thing too!

    • Chinnu
    • Oh am a Stumped… not a sewer so i have no fabric at hand πŸ™ Not my kind, so no instant ideas πŸ™ but yes i shall try to do something

    • kat
    • Chinnu – There is definitely no need to sew on this challenge but I can understand not having fabric on hand. Think about fabric you do have in things like old clothes or even dish towels that you could use.

    • Chinnu
    • Thanks Kathy…am on the hunt!!
      My problem is bcoz- am currently on a deputation in a foreign country so am here with limited resources and all my crafty stash is lying back home πŸ™ Am not keen on buying supplies here coz if i don't use them up, i may not be able to take them home (cargo restrictions)…so you see…wish i was home doing these challenges πŸ™
      But yes…my enthusiasm won't let me give up so soon!!

    • Lolly
    • I love fat quarters. I sort of pick 'em up whenever I got to the craft store.

      I finished my small project in a couple hours today. This was just the perfect excuse to get going on it.

      This was a great challenge idea.

    • Chinnu
    • I went to 4craft shops in Stuttgart and can you believe it they don't sell fabric…its all just paper….am so disappointed πŸ™

    • shopgirl
    • Chinnu – you get an award for 'most stores visited! What about if you found a thrifted shirt? A man's shirt would have a fat quarter across the back.
      First, I had nothing. And then I was struck by 3 ideas in the middle of the night. I recommend a few nights of sleep deprivation for the creative process. : )

    • kat
    • When I posted this challenge I thought I totally knew what I was going to do, now I've come up with a completely new idea, of course one that takes more work πŸ˜‰

    • Chinnu
    • Shopgirl- Thanks a lot. I really appreciate you all offering to help. I saw it as a good chance to pick up some attractive fabrics like the ones is see on the net….but πŸ™
      Next am gonna try staying up late night…..LOL!!

    • TINA
    • well, leave it up to me to wait last minute.. should be interesting. are tassles from something else considered fabric?thanks!

    • kat
    • Tina – I'm not exactly sure what tassels from something else are. I usually think of tassels as made from yarn or cording. If you don't think of them as fabric then don't count them in the fabric amount.

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