Midas touched the cookies

For the gold challenge, I wanted to do something in the kitchen.
I received a request for these cookies
So I geared up for the project.
Now, you have all made some cookies in your day. So have I. But, I have not undertaken anything like this, with a two year old’s help.

Make the batter.
Flour a surface
Roll the dough out
Cut shapes
cutting cookies out
Get them from the surface, to the cookie sheet, and into the oven.
Make frosting.
Get the cookies out.
Cut out another set. Repeat.
Get them off the sheet, and onto cooling racks.
Frost with a first layer of white.
Make more frosting.
Color frosting in tiny batches.
Carefully frost 2/3 of the cookie.
Let them dry.
Keep the kiddo from throwing things into then, and from eating them.
Dust a few select cookies with the ‘pearl’ powder.
Lavender and gold
Get them in a bright light, and match them to their Pantone colors.
Get the edible ink out, and carefully write on them.
Set up the photo shoot.
This was such a process, I reminded myself that this is not something to try to squeeze into the margins during the holidays. I enjoy baking, don’t get me wrong. But it was the size of my kitchen, and the protection maneuvers that needed to be implemented that made the game a little more strenuous.

The best part, by far, was dusting the cookies with the gold dust.
I used a fine brush and just ‘painted’ it on dry. It was tempting to just keep going and going! I turned into a fairy, and I was ready to ‘sprinkle my gold dust’ onto everything!
They are super yummy. Happy Valentines Day to the lovely Graphic designer in my life.

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