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Hey there crafty kids! My name is Beth Hawks and I’m 26 years old. I live in small town called Canfield, Ohio, which is right in between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. I got married in 2009 to a brilliant man – nickname “hubs” – and we have two cat children, Gracey and Layla. By day, I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant for WSI. By night, I’m a self-proclaimed domestic goddess.

I have a blog called The Modern Lady that is roughly a year old. It covers topics on sewing, cooking, baking, miscellaneous crafting projects and lots more. There are so many wonderful ideas to be found by following blogs in the crafting arena and lots of new and talented people to meet! I thought if I had my own blog, it would force me to stay on top of what others were working on… and so far, it certainly has!

With so many beautiful items always popping up on sites like Etsy and, it’s easy for me to find inspiration. I’m drawn to all things vintage but have a particular fondness for anything mod or country farmhouse themed. (I got married in a barn!) I take off every Friday morning in the summer to go garage sale shopping (a job perk) and will dig through just about anything at an estate sale to find a treasure. My Etsy shop is currently loaded with milk glass, all of which I found on such “buying trips” this past summer. Oh warm weather, please hurry back!

Although I’m into a lot of things, my main area of “expertise” is sewing. I make a TON of aprons; if you have any questions about the book “A is for Apron,” I’m your girl. I would love to learn how to knit. I would also like to train myself to patiently read and follow instructions for patterns. To address both of these, I’ve signed up for some classes at my local JoAnn’s. I find I’m a much better listener when I’ve paid for something.

I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you as the challenges continue on! There is so much creativity in this group; it’s amazing to see all of the unique ways each theme is interpreted. Thanks to Kathy & Susi for organizing it!

Susi & I also want to mention that Beth’s latest project for Iron Craft, the beautiful Valentine Tree Embroidery, was featured last week on CraftGossip. Congrats Beth!

If you are a member of Iron Craft & want to be featured here, email us for details.

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5 Comments to Iron Crafter Feature – Beth Hawks
    • Lindsay
    • Hey Beth -My husband and I are both from Youngstown! We moved up to the Detroit area a few years ago for my husband's job. We still go home about once a month and hope to eventually move back. I really enjoy your blog. I just bought the supplies to try the embroidery project for Valentines Day. Thanks again for the great idea.

    • Seanna Lea
    • Terrific. I am not familiar with milk glass. For some reason I always expect it to look like the sea glass that my family and I collected on the beach growing up!

    • Beth Hawks
    • Hey Lindsay – it's nice to touch base with someone from the area. Your "Youngstown Bread" blog caught my eye in one of the challeneges because of the name and I thought there might be someone from around me in the group. I hope your embroidery project turns out well 🙂

    • Beth Hawks
    • Nice to "meet" you too shopgirl. Seanna – some of the milk glass comes in color (there are pieces in a sea foam green) but mostly just white. I'm sure the sea glass your family found was in such pretty colors!

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