Challenge #7 Round-Up Part 1

We’re putting on the glitz this week at Iron Craft, or is that putting on the gilt? This week’s challenge was the Midas Touch & everyone turned their crafts into gold!

Kathy sewed up a pair of golden wings for a pink knit pig. The pattern for the knit pig is free on her blog.
Iron Craft Challenge #7 - If I were a pig...
Susi, at her designer husband’s request, made Pantone cookies. She made a whole rainbow of colors including #122C Metallic Gold.

Now let’s bring on the bling!
(click on nay picture to see it bigger or read more)
IronCraft7TaggedSmall IC7
Valentine_Rose (82 of 82) The Alchemist's Daughter
Man With the Golden Glue Gun Pyrite and brass chain set
Golden Clover I made these for a bake sale at work on Valentine's Day and just incorporated IC7!
Oscar Cupcake Toppers IC7- Midas Touch
IMG_0747 My Little Rajkumari
Iron Craft IC7:  Bars of Gold (Soap) Crocheted Wire Angel
golden chocolate sponge toffee nuggets POT O GOLD 1
Golden Mushrooms IC7
003 Gold box
Goldie Her Royal Majesty
Pinkzilla_IC7_midas-rings_1 IC7- Midas Touch- Bottle Cap Ms. Glitzy!!
skull ring 24k gold plated button earring
Darwin Picture Frame (IC7) Burnt Gold Satin Flower Hair Pins

More round-ups to follow as projects come in…

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6 Comments to Challenge #7 Round-Up Part 1
    • thehairballz
    • I love seeing the wide variety! I was apparently clueless that St. Patrick's Day is near, but my favorite is the goldfish. I hate the color gold and would have found this week so much easier if I'd jumped to goldfish.

      My first reaction to the week however was….LEGOs are worth the same as gold by weight. It took real work to not pull out the LEGOs. Ultimately, I made a belated valentines gift that'll be up later today. I didn't find inspiration until the sticker my mom put on my valentine was so wonderful (and gold) that I found myself carefully peeling it off the envelope so I could reuse it!

    • Seanna Lea
    • I knew there was something I forgot to work on during the craziness that is working at a chocolate shop over Valentines! The madhouse drove all thoughts of gold straight out of my head!

    • shopgirl
    • And I thought this was such an easy challenge! I didn't know I was throwing a curve to everyone.
      "Just get some gold glitter and throw it around!" I didn't know there was such a deep seeded hate of 'the gold'. : )
      As ever, I am blown away by the directions that people went in. !
      Amazing work.

    • Chris
    • I don't really have a deep seeded hate of gold but I really don't like it. It makes my skin look green in comparison so I almost never use it and I definitely never wear it.

      Thanks thehairballz, the first several things I thought of when I read the challenge had absolutely nothing to do with the metallic gold. I went from goldfinch (little yellow bird) to gold fish and then couldn't get past that for a long time so I gave in and made a gold fish. BTW I think LEGO's are awesome and I'm pretty sure they make goldish ones. Don't think they actually have gold in them though.

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