Challenge 7: Midas Touch

The Midas Touch
For challenge #7, we will be using gold.

You could gold leaf or gold ‘rattle can’.
You could cook with gold.
You could make jewlery.
You could embellish some clothing with gold.
Or, you could take it in a whole different direction, and surprise us all.

Here are some amazing examples to tickle your fancy:
Edible chocolate

gold leaf rocks on design sponge

Gold leaf on glasses

A wonderful compendium of “gold leaf” projects:

The only guideline that I will set in place is that you keep “gold” in mind, instead of “yellow”. If you have to deviate, then go ‘silver’.
Have fun!

Post date is Wednesday, February 16th. Only workroom photos should be posted before that date. Please tag your photos with IC7 and IronCraft.

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15 Comments to Challenge 7: Midas Touch
    • claire
    • Ha! Well, I guess I can't resubmit my old gold leaf rocks project since you already featured it! No worries, I'm sure I can think of something new. There are so many possibilities…

    • Anonymous
    • Seanna – It does not have to be actual gold, I'm sure Susi is saying anything that is gold colored & metallic so gold fabric, paint, glitter, thread etc… would all work. I'm planning on using gold fabric myself.

    • amy dame
    • if you knew me, you'd have pictured my face when i read this challenge…. GOLD? ew!

      ha! i'm pretty vocal about my gold dislike, though i have mellowed over the years – it's acceptable if it contributes to the kitschiness of the item – but that's about it.

      however, gold can be very lovely, even if it isn't my style, and i've already got a plan in mind, so thanks for making me look past my initial reaction!

      as an aside, a metallic challenge would be cool – maybe metallics OTHER than gold or silver, to make it even more challenging! i have some awesome purple, blue and green "gold leaf" that's been begging me to play with it!

    • Chris
    • I'm working on a thing with some random gold yarn I found in a bag of yarn at the goodwill about a year ago. Problem is I really dislike metallic gold. I think I'll be a rebel and do two things, one with the gold yarn and one that just has the word gold in its name.

    • Chris
    • I don't have any silver on hand I am using the gold yarn to learn a new craft I have never done before. It's actually turning out to look ok even though I don't like gold.

    • noelle
    • Hey Just FYI the I'd watch out for the link on the blog's "gold leaf" projects roundup.

      Instead of linking to the Design Sponge tutorial they credit some other site called Poopscape Projects for the DS tutorial. My browsers (chrome, IE, Firefox) also refuse to open the site for security reasons.

      Sounds fishy to me!

    • kat
    • Hey Noelle – Poopscape Projects is actually the site of one of our members, Claire, it was her gold leaf project that Design Sponge featured. I have no problem getting to it from Safari but everyone has different security settings. It is an ok site though.

    • claire
    • I don't know if I should find that funny, sad or both. I considered changing the name of my site a while ago, but the name has personal significance and it's staying. I got Martha Stewart to say it on national TV- that's something!

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