Challenge #5 Round-Up Part 2

The love just continues to flow at Iron Craft…

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IC5 Iron Craft Challenge 5: Be Mine
My Zombie Valentine My Little Valentine
BeMineIC5 Pinkzilla_valentine_8
Lighted Heart Wall Decor DSC00245
DSC00251 Be mine
Sweets for my sweet pretzel love
"Thinking of You" valentine5Z
Valentines Day Recycled Candles valentine tic tac toe
"keys to my heart" Edible Anti-Valentine's Day pastries
005 IC5 Valentine
DSC_1925 towel
IC 5- Be Mine IC 5- Be Mine
IC 5- Be Mine Front of Plastic Canvas QR code
knitted hearts Jane Cameron - challenge 5 - iron craft - final picture - binary coaster

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6 Comments to Challenge #5 Round-Up Part 2
    • Chris
    • All the felt usage is making me feel better about my addiction. At least I know I'm not alone lol. My favorite projects so far are the geeky ones.

    • Anonymous
    • Out of curiosity, (and I'm not really complaining here, I just want to know) why do you only do two round-ups at the end of each challenge and post the last one before the day is through? There were many projects submitted that day after you posted the second round-up that didn't get included (including my own project). It's a tad unfair, since we all posted on the day it was due.

      It's your game, it's your website and you do all the work, I know, but if I'm going to continue to participate in this, (and I'm having such a good time doing that so far) I'd like an answer.

    • shopgirl
    • Anonymous,
      It sounds like you are writing because your project did not get included in the round-up and that disappointing you. I am sorry that you felt let down. Truly.
      Kat puts the round-up's together. And I know that they take an INCREDIBLE amount of time. In order to try to give everyone more 'exposure' to honor their art on-line, Kat posts the round-up pictures to link back to people's blogs! And I have to give her a big shout out for putting those together, because if that task was left to me, I would have let the group down by about week 2. Some of our crafters have been picked up and featured on CRAFT and other national sites because of this exposure. And Kat has made that possible.
      I had a quick look, and it seems to me that 15 crafters were not posted in the two round ups. Perhaps Kat is working on a third? (But I don't know that she is)
      I am sorry that you were not included. And I'm glad that you wrote to let us know that you were disappointed. That helps us to learn which parts of the game are important and which ones aren't.
      In the spirit of a community site, I have to say, that it would be more meaningful, and easier to look into the matter quickly if you did not post this anonymously.

    • kat
    • Anonymous – I do as many round-ups as needed for each challenge. There is still a 3rd round-up coming for the latest challenge today because there were so many. I try to keep each round-up to 30 pictures because otherwise I think it gets a little overwhelming. So, once I get the first 30 projects I post the first round-up & so on. Don't worry your project should be featured today.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that this group is not the only thing I have going on so it may take me a day or two to get all the round-ups posted. As Susi said it does take me time to make sure they are laid out nicely & include links were applicable.

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