All about the brights

Seems like my new quilts in progress are all about the brights.

Lego Quilt Fabrics

First we went & picked out the fabrics for Matt’s lego quilt. We didn’t even think about taking legos with us to match the colors, how silly. But it seems like we did ok, well Matt did really, just from memory.

Then I started messing around with my new addiction a flower garden quilt. I figured the best way to mess with it was dive in & make some hexagons to play with.
quilt layout samples
I bought myself some teflon hexagon forms to use instead of paper ones because I figured they would last through a lot more uses & be more accurate. The only issue I have with them is that the fabric really slip on them making it hard to fold the fabric & hold it on tight while sewing. My solution was to roughen them up with some sandpaper. It really does the trick.
quilt layout samples
I was really torn between doing the bigger three layer flowers or the smaller two layer. My design consultants, Susi & Matt, both liked the bigger ones but the small ones kept calling to me. I even tried drawing up some sketches to see if that helped me.
Playing with quilt layouts Playing with quilt layouts
Finally, I decided to follow my own whims & do the smaller flowers. Susi & Matt have such great design sense I hope I made the right choice!

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    • kat
    • Lori – The flowers are made by paper piecing (or plastic piecing in my case) the hexagons together & then you can applique them onto a quilt or just make a whole quilt top of them. It looks a little weird in my photo because I just put some yellow fabric not piece yet in to see how it looked.

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