Let’s Get To Know Each Other

When Kathy and I started this game, we just thought of it as the two of us. We are separated, now, by 2042 miles, so this was a great way for us to chat, and share. Then Poof, we are so happy find ourselves in Iron Craft with so many talented people!!
Kathy and I are intrigued and we’d like to get to know you, and to introduce you to each other. We will host a series of profiles on the blog. If you would like to be one of our featured crafters, let us know. Send us an email & we’ll send you our “interview”. You can answer the questions, and send it back. It’s as simple as that.
If we are flooded by responses, we’ll feature people in the order we receive their responses.
We are excited to meet you, and hear more about you!

Kathy and Susi will kick it off:

I’m Kathy or Kat & I live in the great white north of Minneapolis, MN. I like to try all different kinds of crafts but mainly knit, embroider, quilt & sew. I especially like knitting toys & have a few pattern available for things like dinosaurs, Easter peeps & chocolate bunnies. #60 - Grumpasaurus
I’m inspired by things around me everyday, other crafters & my Scandinavian heritage. I’m the person who walked around gift shops saying, “I can make that.” I’d like to learn how to do ribbon embroidery & hand quilting (as a matter of fact, I’m starting an 8 week class in traditional quilting techniques in February). My craft blog is Kat Crafts and my food blog is A Good Appetite. I also have an Esty store called The Snuggery which I have sadly been ignoring lately.

I’m Susi.
I live in San Francisco with my husband, Rob, and our daughter, Amelia.
I am lucky enough to stay at home with her. That right there is enough to derail any crafter.
But somehow, I still hear the projects call out to me.
I used to own a knitting store, so my knitting skills are definitely head and shoulders above some of my other crafting skills. But I also love to sew. And, I would be happy to sprinkle glitter on anything that didn’t move. I am a fearless crafter. Many strange odysseys have begun with the foolish question:”well, how hard can that be?” I made my first quilt last year, and was surprised by how much I loved the process.
My rule of thumb is “if you can’t eat it or wear it, don’t waste your time on it.” But a few of our challenges will force me to bend the rules.
I am excited to learn some new skills. I’d like to be better at embroidery. And I would love to learn how do to a Cathedral Quilt. (at least one square)
Most of my crafting needs to be done in 1 hour blocks (naps, or when she is asleep). And all shopping and collecting of supplies needs to fit into the parameters of “what she can handle”. She sits on my lap when I sew, and loves to watch.
Maybe we will have “play dough week” ?
My blog is Craftroom
and my life is chronicled in Flickr

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5 Comments to Let’s Get To Know Each Other
    • Seanna Lea
    • Very cool! Kat, I finished my February Lady Sweater at the beginning of January. I did one of the collar variants, because I had a bit more yarn and I get cold super easily. (Also, I'm willing to be featured.)

    • Jeromina
    • Yes, nice to meet you both. Thank you both for all the effort you make on this site. Having a lot of fun here. 🙂 Oooh and yes please…play dough week! 😀

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