Iron Craft Challenge #1 – Iced Willow Branch Candleholder

The first challenge for Iron Craft was to create something to light the winter gloom. My project was inspired by a candle Matt & I saw in a store this summer. It was one of those things we both looked at & said, “I (You) can make that.”
I covered a 3-inch glass pillar candleholder with willow branches & then “iced” the branches with slivery beads. When lit, the branches make fantastic shadows on the walls & the beads shimmer with the candlelight. It reminds me of bare winter trees covered with ice.

Iced Willow Branch Candleholder How-to


Glass candleholder – I used a 3 inch tall pillar holder that I got for $3 at Michael’s. You can
do any size you want. A group of votives would be pretty too.
Thin branches – Mine were 1/4″ at their thickest.
Strong scissors or small pruners
Glue Gun & glue sticks
Clear beads with a silver center
Clear Drying Craft Glue

Cut your branches so they are the same height or taller than your candle holder. I found a diagonal cut looked nicest. The thicker ones are best kept close to the height of the holder while the thinner ones can vary in length. Make sure to leave some with small side branches.
IMG_7427 IMG_7429 IMG_7431
Using the glue gun, start gluing the branches around the candleholder. Begin with the thicker shorter branches without any side branches. Keep filling in as you go around. Glue the ones with the side branches on last. You want to make sure no branches hang over the inside of the candleholder where they might catch on fire. Let the glue dry.
IMG_7457 IMG_7465 IMG_7474
Use your tweezers to dip beads in a little craft glue & place them in the y’s of the branches or anywhere else you’d like a little shimmer. You can do a few beads or really cover the whole thing with sparkle. Let dry.
Never leave unattended with when lit.

Make this even more sparkly by adding some white, sliver or clear glitter to the branches like fallen snow.

I think this candleholder would look really elegant with all the branches spray painted white too.

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12 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #1 – Iced Willow Branch Candleholder
    • Lori
    • I did the Iron Craft challenge and just posted it. I love this light- how cool. I like the little ice crystals. It would make a nice tables setting.

    • Anonymous
    • This is such a good idea. Pity Christmas has just gone, but will try it anyway lol

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